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Knowing how students learn is equally as important as what they learn. We start by analyzing the individual learning style(s) of each student to customized plan for success. In addition to diagnostic assessments and initial consultations with parents, we spend significant time speaking with students about their current academic challenges and short and long-term goals. No matter where a student starts, self-accountability is a major component of our methodology—students are expected to be active participants in the learning process, arriving to each session prepared and ready to give it their best.

One-on-One (Organizations Only)

IST works exclusively with pubic and private organizations to provide customized one-on-one tutoring to students in grades 3-12, at all performance levels.  We are open year-round, including school breaks, and most holidays.  All of our offerings are held in your own designated space. .

Prior to the first session, each student takes a diagnostic assessment designed to help our academic team assess the student’s strengths and develop a customized learning plan. The student is then assigned to an expert tutor who specializes in the respective subject matter(s) and who is best suited to meet the student’s individual academic needs. In addition to core subject matter, our tutors assist students with developing personalized study, organizational and time management skills.

Tutors are trained to ask probing questions at each step of the learning process to strengthen students’ critical and analytical skills, which can often be overlooked in regular classrooms. Beyond reviewing and introducing current and new material, tutors allocate time during each session to fill pre-existing holes in foundational material. Our ultimate goal is to help instill a level of confidence in the student that is necessary to attain independent mastery.

We communicate student progress to parents through a detailed report e-mailed after each session. Between sessions, we rely on parents to ensure that the student completes any tutor-generated assignments and to keep us abreast of the student’s progress in school.

Popular subjects for basic, Honors, AP and IB levels include, but are not limited to:

Math Tutoring
  General Math, Pre Algebra, Algebra /II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
English Tutoring
  Reading Comprehension, Language Arts/Grammar, Essay Writing, Literary Analysis, Research Papers
Science Tutoring
  General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Foreign Language Tutoring
  Spanish, French, Latin and Chinese
Social Studies & History Tutoring
  Social Studies, Government, US History, World History
Homeschool Assistance
Homeschool Collective Organizations: Whether you need help teaching a particular subject or simply want concept reinforcement from a proven educational partner, we can help you make home schooling a success. Unlike traditional school settings, we have the flexibility to customize the program to fit your organization's  students' needs.

Small Groups for Organizations
Summer Academic Enrichment for Organizations

Did you know that on average, students lose 2 months of reading ability and 2.6 months of their math skills during the summer through a phenomenon known as “summer brain drain”? Whether you are looking to help your students catch up or leap ahead in preparation for the fall, IST can "plug the drain" (and add a lot of GAIN) for students at all levels!

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