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School Year

Knowing how students learn is equally as important as what they learn. We start by analyzing the individual learning style(s) of each student to create a customized plan for success. In addition to free diagnostics and initial consultations with parents, we spend significant time speaking with students about their current academic challenges and short and long-term goals. No matter where a student starts, self-accountability is a major component of our methodology—students are expected to be active participants in the learning process, arriving to each session prepared and ready to give it their best.

All tutoring sessions are facilitated in your one-on-one  setting by trained IST tutors who have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in the subject matter taught and a genuine interest in helping students reach their highest academic potential. Our instruction focuses on both course content and personalized ways to learn the material more effectively, in accordance with each student's unique learning style. We draw from a full in-house library of classroom textbooks, supplemental resources and our proprietary curricula to introduce and reinforce concepts. Central to our approach are the IST Learning Legends: Fast Eddie ™, Sammy Smart ™, Samantha Smart ™, Lucky Lucy ™ and Bea Reddie ™, who each have different test-taking and academic personalities that help IST students navigate each concept by seeing themselves in each character.

To help students prepare for tests and quizzes, we collect information from the student’s classroom materials, including notebooks, lecture and reading notes, past quizzes and tests and create personalized student guides. We employ a distributed learning process to help the student study a little over a longer period of time versus last-minute intensive cramming. Additionally, tutors help students improve their time management, note-taking, study, organizational and classroom presentation skills. When appropriate, tutors introduce new material beyond the classroom curriculum to assist those students who are ready to move ahead.

Parents play a major role in advocating for their student’s success—they get involved in the student’s at-home learning and collaborate with IST at each step of the learning process. Contact us today to get started!


Summer Enrichment
Did you know that on average, students lose 2 months of reading ability and 2.6 months of their math skills during the summer through a phenomenon known as “summer brain drain”? Whether you are looking to help your student catch up or leap ahead in preparation for the fall, IST can "plug the drain" (and add a lot of GAIN) for students at all levels! Click here to learn more about our popular summer tutoring and summer enrichment courses and seminars. Check with your organization for participation!
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